Live-Edge coffee table


Our Live-Edge coffee table impresses with its detailed surface structure and brings nature into your own four walls with its original charm . Made from fine solid wood, the living room table has a durable construction and serves as a functional addition to the contemporary interior. Combined with a couch in a vintage look and a compact stool, the tree table creates an inviting seating area in the center of the living area. The residential object is also used as a side table and offers a stable top and a practical storage compartment for storing magazines, books and remote controls.

The acacia tree is naturally particularly strong and resilient. It gives the wooden table optimized stability. The tree disc also presents a unique appearance with natural irregularities. The elegant grain with fine cracks, inclusions and knotholes make the solid wood table unique. The curved tree edge shows the viewer the characteristic structure of the natural tree trunk. In some places the material may also have variations in thickness and dimensions. The surfaces of the coffee table are lacquered , designed in nature and radiate warmth and coziness.

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Dimensions 130 × 60 × 40 cm

Acacia wood


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